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Our geodesy engineers have numerous decades of experience within the new techniques and methods in 3D-Laserscanning. This enables you to make use of highly qualified material, at a lower cost of the classical measurement and planning processes.

The 3D scanner, that is merely bigger than two pages of paper, is placed into your premises, while the machinery is operational. In addition Its laser rays do not endanger your machinery or the health of your employees.

A facility of approximately 2000 - 3000 m2 will account for a maximum of 1 – 2 working days, depending on the equipment that is placed within. The creation of the virtual object will afterwards be done at our office. This fact alone already resembles the cost-saving potential of this technology. A manual collection of the necessary data of rooms, machinery, tubes etc. will, even in two dimensions, cost a multiple.

A higher quality of the results and added value within the planning and implementation is testified by the functionality of the three-dimensional picture. While this would have also been obtained with the classical way – nowadays CAD systems have the capability – the higher expense that is related to this is certainly not arguable. Due to the fact that premises change over time when regarding space for equipment and machinery, the original floor plans are hardly usable for alteration without further expensive auditions. 3D laser scanning offers you a more precise, faster and overall more cost-effective solution for this problem.