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3D laser scanning
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Until today surveying is done with the used of mirror- or satellite-based total stations. However to reach a high degree of precision is not only very labour and cost intensive, but also interferers with the ongoing production. The final result of such measurements is a 2-dimensional CAD drawing.

The 3-dimensional point of view is far more useful for the planning and construction phases of the projects. Our technology of 3D laser scanning makes this possible.

The use of 3D laser scanners on objects is completed in a very short time with an incredibly high precision and little use of labour. With hardly any interference with the ongoing production that necessary data is collected and transferred to our office for further interpretations and modelling tasks.

Objects of every kind and material are being surveyed and transformed into digital models. This is done via our laser scanners with an attached digital camera. The transformation is done with the monoplotting method in combination with photogrammetric analysis system of  PHIDIAS and the CAD system of MicroStation.

With this method it is possible to create a digital replica of the reality and thereby create the basis for project planning.